RapidRAW Honey Testing Kit & Services


The best honey is raw honey, which is taken directly from the beehive. Although it contains a small amount of natural additives like pollen, beeswax, and enzymes like diastase and invertase, most of these are within acceptable limits. Because of this, they rarely cause harm to consumers.

Can we say the same about the honey we purchase from the market, though? In order to boost honey’s volume and give it an artificially sweeter flavour, the processed honey industry is infested with additives like sugar syrup. While this might enhance the quantity, flavour, and aesthetics of the honey, it unquestionably lowers the honey’s quality.

Here, in MGVI we provide honey quality screening for you.

RapidRAW is a newly developed method to readily detect substance commonly found in raw honey is which uniquely found in natural honey compared to adulterated honey. The method generally precipitates natural and organic components, mainly proteins in a water-based solution. When applied to raw and pure honey samples, precipitation will form indicating the presence of mixtures of these components. On the other hand, precipitation fails to form when it’s applied to a sugar concoction and on fake honey, therefore suggesting the absence of the components. 


  • Honey samples will be processed for testing within 72 hours.
  • A complete report including results with pictures certified and approved by our scientist.
  • Provide support regarding the results and protocol used.
  • Clients are always welcome to our institute to test our kits on their products.


From start to finish

Step 1
Make payment

Payment made to MGVI account and use the google form to submit details and payment proof

Step 2
Send sample

Sample is sent to us. Minimum 10g/ in glass or plastic tube container and sealed properly with sample details.

Step 3
Receiving sample

Sample sent be couriers will be received by our staff. If sample received after 3pm, testing will be carried out next day.

Step 4
lab test
Honey testing

Details and payment will be verified by our lab technologist staff. Testing will done using RapidRAW protocol.

Step 5
Generating report

Result of the honey will be verified and validated by our scientist and a complete report is generated. 

Step 6
Contact Client

Result sent to client via email or WhatsApp

We can provide you with services that are specifically adapted to your needs, from beekeeping through labelling, thanks to our extensive range of honey services and vast experience. For more information please visit Terms and conditions.

Disclaimer: RapidRAW honey screening provided by MGVI service is a preliminary step used for screening natural substances commonly found in raw honey. For comparison between fake and original honey, an additional test* is required which is available upon request.